The Three-Tier Architecture Pattern Language

Design Fest

EuroPLoP 2001
Kloster Irsee,

July 5-6, 2001

The following are the proceedings of the design fest.


Name Affiliation Submission Link
Nicolai Josuttis Solutions in Time, Germany NicolaiJosuttis.pdf
Oliver Vogel Systor AG, Switzerland OliverVogel.pdf
Markus Voelter Mathema AG, Germany MarkusVoelter.pdf
Thomas Neumann Systor AG, Germany ThomasNeumann.pdf
Prashant Jain and Michael Kircher Siemens AG, Germany JainKircher.pdf

Layers Discussion

Usually you talk about three tiers, which are: presentation, business, data.
But to separate concerns even more, you group responsibilities into even more logical layers.

Why layers?

How many layers do you need? The following list shows the layers we agreed on, which are most common:

Discussion on Legacy Integration

Legacy Systems can be: Enterprise-Information-Systems, Back-Ends,
Mainframes (with overlap of course).

They can provide pure services, pure data access, or any combination of them.

Pattern Language Discussion

What kind of patterns is important to put into the pattern language? What kind of pattern language could we document?