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JinACE is a open-source implementation of a sub-set of the CORBA Component Model (CCM) based on the ACE framework and TAO as a CORBA ORB. The JinACE component server is designed for high scalability and flexability. The motivation for a component server derived from the need to deploy standardized components, written using C++, in an ad hoc networking environment. See Ad Hoc Networking Pattern Language for the main ideas behind JinACE.

CORBA Components

CORBA is a standard for distributed computing developed by the Object Management Group (OMG). It is an open, vendor and platform indenpendent standard with a strong industrial support.

The CORBA Component Model(CCM) extends the CORBA standard with a component model. It is mainly addressing enterprise business systems with its support for persistency, transactions, and secuirty - basically the same domain as Enterprise JavaBeans.

Current research tries to prove that it can also be usable in other domains, including embedded, real-time, and ad hoc networking. The latter is the goal of JinACE. You can download the CCM specification here.


ACE is a open-source framework for communication software written in portable C++ and available on almost every platforms. Together with TAO (The ACE ORB), it allows to create portable, performant and well-designed C++ programs by its rich range of classes based on modern design patterns.

For a more in-depth overview over ACE and TAO see.

Why JinACE

We named this project "JinACE" because it is the combination of C++ networking principles, as represented in ACE and TAO, and ad hoc networking principles, as represented by Jini, or its successor JXTA.

We basically use CORBA components, defined by the CCM spec, as entities which are transmitted and loaded on demand.

Status of the project

Version 1.2.1 released
- changes to work with ACE 5.4 + TAO 1.4.
- New cartridge for Arcstyler 5.x
Version 1.2 released
- some changes to work with newer TAO versions (1.2.4 and later)
Version 1.1 released
- new exception handling (using TAO version 1.2.2 macros)
- new example: TimerComponent
- some improvements in code generation with ArcStyler
- some minor bugfixes
Version 1.0 released


JinACE is open source, read the Licence for details.
Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Version 1.2.1 for Windows and Linux: download
JinACE-1.2.1.tar.gz download
4/19/2006 Michael Kircher, Siemens AG